Tempe Pastor is Pissed Because Obama Has Delayed Amnesty For Illegal Aliens

go home come back legallyPro-illegal immigration activists have long been calling on President Obama to violate our constitution and 'rule of law' to grant millions of illegal aliens amnesty, work visas and a deferred deportation program for the children of illegal aliens.

But thankfully that will not be happening soon or even at all, because Obama has said that he won't be passing any executive action until after the midterm elections in November. This will give Republicans plenty of time to remind Obama there is never a good time to declare executive amnesty.

Eric Ledermann , a local Al Sharpton wannabe who preaches rhetoric and demogoguery at the University Presbyterian Church in Tempe said said he wants immigration reform now because he doesn't believe the government should be in the business of breaking up families. But the government is not breaking up families! Nobody is tearing apart families except the illegal aliens themselves.

We do not have two sets of immigration laws--one for families and one without. Our immigration laws apply to all illegal aliens regardless of their family status.

"I am so angry, and he has made so many promises to the Latino community, to my neighbors,” said Ledermann. “These are my neighbors, and I am called by God to love my neighbors, and my president is saying no. ... I do not speak for my whole congregation, but I am livid."

The University Presbyterian Church has given sanctuary to 24-year-old illegal alien, Luis Lopez, in hopes of preventing his deportation. Illegal aliens in churches should never be exempted from immigration enforcement. And did you know that a Tucson church is also giving an illegal alien sanctuary? Please see: Churches that harbor illegal aliens are becoming more popular in Arizona.

Pastor Ledermann said that Lopez came here when he was 16-years-old to escape gang violence in his country, he has no criminal background, he has family in the United States and his wife is a legal resident. This does not mean that Lopez meets ICE's guidelines for leniency.

If Lopez came here as a child, why didn't he get Deferred Status a few years back when Obama first offered it? Many, if not most of the illegal aliens that come here are responsible for the violence they say they are trying to escape from.

If Lopez has family here they are probably illegal aliens too. Many American spouses live miles apart so either his wife can follow him to Guatemala or wait here for him to return legally.