Frivolous Lawsuit Challenges Sheriff Joe’s “Workplace Enforcement” Raids

Stupid and misguided illegal alien-rights advocates have filed a lawsuit challenging Sheriff Arpaio's Workplace Enforcement raids that have led to the arrest of hundreds of illegal alien workers on charges of using fake or stolen IDs to get jobs.

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The frivolous lawsuit was filed on behalf Sara Cervantes Arreola and Guadalupe Arredondo, two illegal alien workers who were arrested in Sheriff Joe's raids.  It seeks class-action status to let other illegal alien workers join the lawsuit. 

Arredondo said "Our records must be cleared so we can work without fear,".  However she is sadly mistaken because if she thinks that will happen.  She should have served a sentence in the Maricopa County Jail and then deported. 

The lawsuit asks a federal judge to conclude that the Arizona law that bans employers from hiring illegal aliens is discriminatory and conflicts with federal law. They are seeking a court order to prohibit Sheriff Arpaio from enforcing the law.

ACLU snake-oil attorney Anne Lai who filed the lawsuit on behalf of the illegal aliens said the latest challenge to the state's employment law differs significantly from a challenge to the statute that was filed in 2007 by business groups.  Not true!  Simply put, because it is ILLEGAL for illegal aliens to work and it is ILLEGAL for illegal aliens to use fraudulent documents to get those jobs, Arpaio's raids are legitimate, lawful and very necessary.  Please call Ms. Lai at (949) 824-9894 and/or at and remind her that her lawsuit is frivolous.

The Rev. Susan E. Frederic-Gray of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix, has joined the two workers in their lawsuit alleging the use of taxpayer money to carry out the raids is illegal.  But what part about the word 'illegal' doesn't Ms. Gray understand? 

Doesn't Ms. Gray know that stealing other people's ID's is against the law and it's illegal for illegal aliens to work here?  Please call Ms. Frederick-Gray at (602) 840-8400 ext. 203 and email her at to remind her of the law.

Not only were those illegal aliens not supposed to be here, they're not supposed to have jobs.  And they also broke federal and state law when they used stolen IDs to get those jobs.  It's fucking pathetic.  It's just like suing Walmart for arresting shoplifters.

The lawsuit is just a bunch of hot air because according to federal law it is unlawful for illegal aliens to work in the United States.  Even the U.S. Supreme Court agreed and upheld the law even though business groups challenged it several years ago.

The raids not only help to combat identity theft but also they save American jobs from being stolen by illegal aliens.  It's pathetic that illegal aliens and their supporters cry fowl about the raids by saying they are just here to work so they can feed their families.  But what about all the unemployed Americans who just want to work so they can feed their families?  Americans must get the jobs first.  

The advocates want our ID Theft laws to be ignored because they must think enforcing it would also conflict with federal law.  But it's doesn't.  There is no distinction between people who steal identities for the purposes of stealing other people's money and those who use fake or stolen IDs to get jobs. 

Their lawsuit is certainly frivolous and it would be political suicide for any judge to not see it that way.  But as for Sheriff Arpaio's raids, he will keep on doing them.